Friday, September 28, 2012

The Vintagemobile

Waco, Texas is a pretty cool town. Smack dab in the middle, between Dallas and Austin, you can find some pretty unique things here. This past thursday, The Vintagebus parked outside of Common Grounds and set up shop. This is no ordinary green bus (green buses aren't generally ordinary but this is Baylor so...). This is a vintage shop IN A BUS stocked with SUCH cool stuff. 

I made off with a $28 burnt orangey-red cross body bag. IT'S GORGEOUS. I am in love. I honestly can't believe it was still there when i got to the bus in the late afternoon. What a gem! 

This was a very spontaneous post, I'm just so excited about this bag I had to write about it! So if The Vintagemobile rolls into your town, stop in and look around. You never know what you might find!

Check The Vintagemobile out at:


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