Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Fever

As the end of April approaches I have been feeling nothing but spring fever. The Texan sun is becoming increasingly prevalent every day and I can't help wanting to be outside soaking it up. For some reason this season has sparked my blogger's itch as well (which was much needed after an extended period of writer's block). But speaking of outside events, the latest Wacoan treasure my friends and I have stumbled upon is the Farmer's Market. Nothing says "summer's coming!" like a saturday morning walk through tents of fresh fruit and homemade trinkets (all at college-kid prices may  I add). This was a slice of just what I needed. Anywho, you may not peg yourself for the Farmer's Market type, but hey, you never know, maybe your local market will have crepes and heartbreakingly adorable baby pups! If you're bored this weekend, hit up google and see what your town has to offer! Fortunately good ole Waco proved to be quite photogenic for frolicking through the fair. Enjoy!