Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Fever

As the end of April approaches I have been feeling nothing but spring fever. The Texan sun is becoming increasingly prevalent every day and I can't help wanting to be outside soaking it up. For some reason this season has sparked my blogger's itch as well (which was much needed after an extended period of writer's block). But speaking of outside events, the latest Wacoan treasure my friends and I have stumbled upon is the Farmer's Market. Nothing says "summer's coming!" like a saturday morning walk through tents of fresh fruit and homemade trinkets (all at college-kid prices may  I add). This was a slice of just what I needed. Anywho, you may not peg yourself for the Farmer's Market type, but hey, you never know, maybe your local market will have crepes and heartbreakingly adorable baby pups! If you're bored this weekend, hit up google and see what your town has to offer! Fortunately good ole Waco proved to be quite photogenic for frolicking through the fair. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meet me in St. Louie

Howdy y'all! Last week I was able to experience the stuff of legends. Spring Break as a Freshman in college. Now don't jump to conclusions, I'm not talking about parties on the beach with my sorority sisters, but all the same it was a wonderful and much needed break from classes. 

PART 1: Home. when you live over a thousand miles away, going home becomes a rare treat. I was lucky enough to be able to visit my family, help my sister pick out a prom dress, and have an ice skating adventure with a few of my girlfriends. Yes I went ice skating.

PART 2: I had the opportunity to fly to St. Louis to meet my sweet friend Avery. I had never been to St. Louis before and I cannot wait to go back! Avery gave me the short version of a tour of the city and of course we took lots of pictures. 

Anyways, I thought I'd write a little bit about a non-beach spring break and what that looks like in clothes. While I was home I lived in chunky sweaters and boots but things lightened up in Missouri. I wore a light sweater and some new skinnies from ELSE that are to die for. The key to packing for
different climates is layers.
PART 3: Spring Break Part 2 consisted of Avery and I driving 10 hours to Caddo Texas where our friend has a lake house. 10 hours would have been miserable without some solid playlists (can anyone say Moulin Rouge?!) and of course pulling off the freeway for a spontaneous photo shoot in a random field. 

Moral of the story, when you're going to 3 completely different climates over spring break DO NOT OVER PACK. I know that seems impossible, but by packing 2-3 full outfits for each destination I was covered (and my suitcase was at 50 lbs so I didn't have much of a choice). I hope y'all who are on spring break this week have an incredible time and take LOTS of pictures! :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heavy Metal

ATTENTION to all women who believe the urban myth that silver and gold are separate entities. May I repeat, this is a MYTH. Life is so much more fun when you are free to mix your metallics. Metallics are neutrals and can be spiced up with their opposites. Opposites attract right? Next time you sling on a stack of gold bangles, throw in a rose gold one as well, or maybe a pair of silver studs. You don't have to go crazy, I just want to encourage y'all (look how Texan I am!) to have fun with it! 

I thought about posting this because lately, on the occasion that a friend asks my opinion on their look, and I suggest mixing silver and gold or what not, my idea is turned down because "They don't match." They don't have to match! Life is more fun when it isn't limited. :) Don't forget to stay true to yourself and you're style, but if you're looking to mix it up a bit, this is one of my favorite ways!

Study hard, Style harder


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OOTD: Winter Maxi

Spice up a solid maxi dress with a casual shirt, a pair of chucks and a whole lot of jewelry.

Maxi Dress: American Apparel, Denim Shirt: Target, Bag: Vintage Coach, Bracelets: Roots, H&M, Brooks Brothers, 31 Bits, American Eagle, Rings: Gifts, Necklaces: Cinnamon Girl, Forever 21, Earrings: Target, Cuff: MN State Fair, Shoes: Converse All Stars.

Study hard, style harder


Remember That One Time I had a Blog?

Me either! Until now...

So sorry for my MIA-ness, life gets crazy, you know? You go home for Christmas Break, you come back to school, you rush (THAT'S RIGHT!), you start your new semester and things go right back to crazy. Anywho, I remembered that I kind of missed posting random things about my life and fashion-y junk, so here I am! Let me fill you in on some awesome experiences I've had in my absence.

1.) Signing a lease on my first apartment!

My three best friends here at school and I signed a lease on an apartment for next year! Off-campus life here we come! Somehow we scored an absolutely perfect loft that will be awesome for future blog posts. This summer we'll all go DIY crazy because what is more fun than crafting?! (Also we're poor college students...) I'll definitely be putting up some of my favorite tutorials when the time comes. :) 

Photo: Avery Anderson

2.) Spending time with my favorite guy :)

Going home for Christmas meant not only seeing my family, sleeping in my own bed, and hanging out with friends, but also that I was going to be able to spend time with Ruben! Him coming to visit was the icing on the cake! I am so blessed :)

 3.) Christmas Eve!

It is a tradition on my mom's side of the family to spend Christmas Eve at my Grandma's house. After a long semester away, family time was a need! Seeing my extended relatives and hanging out with my parents and siblings was so so wonderful!

Traditional Cousin/Christmas Tree picture with Granny!

4.) And of course, RUSH.

For those of you who don't know, rushing a greek sorority is one of the most wonderful and terrible opportunities out there (in my experience anyway). Fortunately, my friends and I were so blessed to become baby Pi Beta Phi's! I'm loving greek life so far and stay tuned, I wouldn't be surprised if more Pi Phi related things popped up on this page.... ;)

Sporting our new colors proudly!

My beautiful Pledge Class! PC '13

Best friends on bid day!
 All in all, I had a wonderful break and was so blessed last year! I am so excited to see what God has in store for me in 2013! I know New Years was a couple weeks ago, but its never too late to count your blessings. :)

Study hard, Style harder,