Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Valen-week!

I am a fan of holidays. I thoroughly enjoy celebrations of any sort, sparkly (or not) decorations, both giving and receiving thoughtful gifts, spending time with loved ones, and experiencing the specific joy that comes with special occasions. This being said, Valentine's day is one of the big ones for me--one  day a year that is dedicated to celebrating LOVE! I think it is so important that we make the people we love know that we love them, and especially on valentines day, to express it in a way that makes them feel special and very very important (and happy!). 

(gift ideas for those of us who wouldn't get anything done without the last minute)
For: you, your mom, sister, roommate, best friend, girlfriend, favorite barista...


(for best results, include a card and/or flowers/chocolate)

Pixi lip treatment

Essie nail polish

Ace jig scarve

Banana Republic ivory necklace

Kate spade earrings

Red top

Gap flat

Scented candle

study hard, style harder


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